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Trigger Balls

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Active relief for pain points.
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Trigger Balls

The better you can recover, the better you can perform.Overloaded muscles develop tight spots.

We sense these as knots or pain points.Often, this pain results in the body trying to compensate by using different muscle sets and then overloading those muscles, causing further stress and discomfort.

A tight spot in the neck (for example) can result in overcompensation in your posture which then causes headaches and migraines.

A therapist or physiologist will apply pressure to this tight spot, looking for the trigger point, breaking down the knot in the muscle.

Trigger Balls help you continue the therapy at home.Our Trigger Balls are more robust than others, and specifically designed to help reduce the tension by letting you target the trigger point.

In muscles you can’t foam roll. In places where you can’t stretch.

Trigger Balls can be applied by yourself or a partner.

Find the tight spot in the muscle and gently press in on the spot with the Trigger Ball.

Slowly increase pressure to the most pressure you can handle.

Hold the ball in place until you feel the muscle release.

Once the muscle releases, continue gently rolling the ball around the trigger point and stretching the muscles around the area.

Repeat two or three times a day until you see your therapist again.